Monday, February 14, 2011

Magic-and-a-mystery tour

I was debating posting this, as it starts off a little unpromisingly, and with slightly incongruous choice of music. But if you stick with it you kind of get into the flow. It also serves nicely as a little tour of DC neighborhoods, in addition to some of the better bike lanes etc.

And just when it's going good, and it gets to those fine center-lane cycle tracks on Pennsylvania Avenue that you may have heard about - wha… heyyy, who parked not one but FOUR vehicles smack in the middle, blocking both directions? Ah, law enforcement of some kind, surely on a task that required them to park precisely there.

Top of the morning

A fine spring-like morning, out for a field trip with my students, and voila, the bike-photo gods smiled. Nice example of what urban biking in DC should look like.