Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bike of the Day - WorkCycles Oma

The WorkCycles Oma is available at Adeline Adeline in NY. I'm pretty sure this is the bike I spied on U Street here.

From their website:

The iconic Dutch granny's bike with gracefully curved tube and tall head tube to sit upright or fit a front child seat. Our oma is hand-built in the Netherlands and constructed with large diameter tubing and a reinforced seat tube so it's much stiffer and stronger than similar looking frames from other manufacturers.
WorkCycles city bikes are practical, beautiful and durable transportation built to provide decades of reliable service in all conditions. Like all Dutch bikes they're equipped to ride comfortably upright, stay clean and dry in street clothes, and carry your groceries, gear and children.
It goes for $1599. Hey, no one said good bikes are cheap.


  1. Just found your blog via your comment on the NPR article about the increase in bike commuting (yay!). I see that among other things, you list my favorite bike as one of your Bikes of the day. Wohoo! I love my Workcycles Oma and it is awesome for riding around the city, commuting to work, running errands, and getting from A to B.

  2. Hi, and welcome! The WorkCycles look great. That wasn't yours that I shot on U Street, was it? There couldn't be that many in DC.

  3. Ha! Nope, that could not have been me since I ride my Oma here in the city of Chicago. ;-)