Monday, December 13, 2010

Double Dutch

Just as I was wondering where all the citizen cyclists are hibernating, suddenly two Dutch bikes cross my path? On a cold night, no less. Like seeing two American eagles in this town, at least in the cold months. Ok not both Dutch, Alan's was a beautiful Pashley, Meg had a full-on WorkCycles step-through. They said they lived in Arlington but were up in Petworth for a party.

Let's call Meg and Alan City Zen Cyclists of the day (or evening). I wish I had taken a better picture, maybe I was dazzled...


  1. Great bikes! 'Course I'm partial to WorkCycle Omafiets!

  2. Bill,

    It was a real treat running into you Saturday night. We have shared our newfound fame with friends and family, so we hope you get some new readers out of the deal. BTW, my bike looks puny compared to Meg's. The Oma is certainly the star of this photo.


  3. love it! you guys are famous! :) great bikes too. ;)