Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bike of the Day - Globe cargo bike

Today's bike of the day is a cool Globe bike I passed by recently. What stood out was the giant cargo-style front rack, plus the chainguard, fenders, and overall tasteful styling. Slight wrap-back handlebars let you be somewhat more upright. It had a City Bikes sticker on it and sure enough they do sell this model.

photos © Bill Crandall


  1. I notice the Capitol Bikes guy riding by. How is that going? Munich - and the other major German cities - have a similar program called Call-A-Bike, which is fantastic. They even have an iPhone app that shows you where all the available bikes are within a few block radius of your location. The only problem is that you need to register your mobile phone and credit card in the system, which might not work for a one-time visitor.

  2. Yep, there are a few different apps for Capital Bikeshare. Do people use the shared bikes there in Munich? Is it a good biking city? Guess I already know the answer, but do tell...