Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twins' wonder

I came across this nice promo video for Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway, claimed from an old rail line, and this item about their new self-service bike repair kiosks.

Anyone ridden there? Aside from the Greenway itself, anyone know if the city's other urban bikeways are well-integrated? Meaning, once you drop back in with the cars, how well is the city doing on that front? Is the city ranked as the top biking city mainly for the Greenway, or for the whole picture?

Makes me wonder what in the hell is taking so long with DC's Metropolitan Branch Trail.

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  1. Love the Greenway! I actually live in St. Paul, but I ride it as often as I can find an excuse to head over!

    Minneapolis in particular has done a great job at integrating bicycles into the on-road fabric, as well as providing off-road paths wherever possible. They actually just completed another, called the Cedar Lake Trail, that Wikipedia tells me is the first bike highway in the nation.

    The off-road trails generally connect well with each other, and almost every street feels at least accessible to cyclists, if not safe and comfortable. The marked bike routes, however, are absolutely fantastic.