Wednesday, January 12, 2011

18th St and Columbia Rd

Yes, another Adams Morgan picture. There's that curved building again in the background. What can I say, I pass that way a lot, and it usually has decent bike traffic, a CaBi station, cool cafes... The area just has a certain gravitational pull. I used to live around there and it still feels like the center of my DC universe.


  1. Here's a question: what do you think are the best winter biking gloves mixing looks, price and functionality?

  2. I wish I knew, guess it's pretty subjective. I have thin gloves from Hudson Trail Outfitters, I got them for those little sticky dots for grip. More for shooting with gloves on than pure warmth and weatherproofing. I like them a lot and they've lasted a while, though I think they were like 20-30 bucks.

  3. i've looked all over the vast land that is the internet looking for gloves that are both attractive and functionally windproof.

    Bill - i think the ideal glove is made by rapha - it's leather, it's padded, it's gorgeous but i'm pretty sure it's more than 200 dollars.

    This winter I've tried 3 pairs of gloves: The CS commuter glove, the North Face Windfall, and a pair of columbia skiing gloves.

    CS Commuter gloves - decent warmth, sub par grip, but looks good and simple, windproof

    Windfall - hated these

    Ski gloves - the best but toooo bulky

    Could you do a post about this, good looking bike gloves? Seems impossible, but i don't think someone on the internet has written about this yet!

  4. Yeah, great idea. How about if I just re-post a slightly edited version of your comment, that can be the post! Want your name on it?

  5. you can try these gloves:,1965A_Jacob-Ash-Weather-Beaters-Dress-Gloves-Leather-For-Men.html

    They are certainly not as nice as the Rapha, but they are cheap and since you want them for city riding probably dont need the extra cycling padding.

  6. Bill, are you following this person? Seems up your alley: "CaBis have flat pedals! Cycling apparel on a CaBi bike? Why? Nothing I wore on my commute was bike-specific, except for my helmet. [...] The other liberating aspect of riding CaBi is that nobody puts any expectations on me about my bike riding. Crooked helmet? Ten miles an hour? Work clothes instead of cycling-specific attire? Who cares! I’m on a CaBi bike."

  7. no link love for GWADZILLA?

    I would think that my page would fit nicely on your set of links