Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best winter biking gloves?

From a reader:

I've looked all over the vast land that is the internet looking for gloves that are both attractive and functionally windproof. This winter I've tried 3 pairs of gloves: The CS commuter glove, the North Face Windfall, and a pair of columbia skiing gloves.

CS Commuter gloves - decent warmth, sub par grip, but looks good and simple, windproof. Windfall - hated these. Ski gloves - the best but toooo bulky.

Any suggestions out there for good looking bike gloves? Seems impossible, but I don't think someone on the internet has written about this yet! 


  1. Surely walking gloves will do? I have a pair of leather (not these, but same design that go well enough with my herringbone coat I think. Wind and water proof.

  2. i've not been using gloves riding very much historically, but i did get some new north face ski gloves recently for snowboarding.

    they came with a liner that can be separately worn, and is similar to their north face stretch gloves. they are thin, but i've found that provides adequate dexterity for biking and dealing with keys and brakes while commuting, they don't get in the way. they have really improved my rides when it's windy and freezing.

  3. Manzella Wind Stoppers. They can be used alone, or as a liner, and keep the wind and light precip off. They are an easy glove to overlook, as they don't have all the fleece or padding you might expect to see. If your like me and find overheating almost as annoying as too cold, these offer a nice middle ground.

    I am not a fan of the inside stitching near the fingertips really, but I have gotten used to it. Another nice aspect is that you don't lose much dexterity with them. Pair them with a mitten for the ridiculously cold days and your set.

  4. I use an older version of the Ibex Kilometer glove. I like them b/c they are warm, but not bulky. They are also quite durable. If it's super cold, I ditch the gloves and use lobsters.

  5. I haven't tried the over the bar mitts but they look promising.