Sunday, November 14, 2010

Staying mobile

Well, this was interesting and unusual:  a bike with a built-in holder for a walking aid. Meaning for this nice woman, walking is obviously problematic but still she bikes around town. I think that's great. Even not knowing the full story, it does kind of lay bare some of the excuses the rest of us may have for not biking, within our limitations. I actually crossed paths with her twice in the same recent afternoon, near Dupont Circle and again crossing 16th Street.

photos © Bill Crandall


  1. This is a great idea. I was looking for something like this for a long time. Its difficult to hold the elbow crutches in one hand and then also hold the bike handle. Now all I need to know is how she managed to get that done and I will be ready for a cycle race with you.. ;)

  2. DJ: Use a length of ABS or PVC pipe - find it in your plumbing supplier, and buy an end cap for the tube at the same time. Drill a couple of smallish holes in the sides (nesar the bottom) for drainage if it rains. Attach it to the bicycle with U-brackets on the frame using a few more holes in theright places for bolts (with washers as needed. Cement the end cap into place (or screw it on?), then insert cane/crutchs as needed, and go flying. :)

    I've sprained and twisted ankles many times, and can cycle easily with the damaged ankle, then limp into the store or other destination. People stare, but it works, and provides gentle exercise to help the ankle heal and keep it strong.

    Regina, Canada