Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going Dutch

Ok, so you may be saying, where can I get these Dutch bikes? Well, in DC the options are limited, but do exist.

The Bike Rack has been open since 2007, located at 14th and Q Streets. They are the only DC dealer (or East Coast dealer south of New York) that carries Batavus, the Dutch brand that's been making quality bikes since 1904. Pictured are the Old Dutch Classic (foreground, priced at $825) and the Favoriet ($1000), which has a cargo-style front rack.
They also carry the Batavus BuB at $650, and can order other models. For another option with chainguard, fenders etc, there's the Giant Via ranging from $380 to $550.

I took my Electra there for a minor issue and found their service to be very friendly, quick, and knowledgable.


  1. Those are some sweet bikes and the bike rack is a great store.

  2. I was very happy to see that Bike Rack is carrying the Batavus line. I've yet to see one (other than my own) out on the streets in DC. Did you happen to ask how many they have sold thus far? They are really amazing bikes - the best comparison that I can draw is that it feels like you are driving a Towncar - large, heavy, and luxurious.

    There are always a couple of other "dutch style" bikes locked up across from the Bike Rack too. The one looks to be a Jorg and Olif -- highly covetable.

    Bicycle Space started carrying Linus bikes which is another good option that is a little more budget friendly.

  3. They said the Batavus have been selling, I'm not sure to what extent. I've been meaning to check out the Linus bikes at Bicycle Space soon as well.

    I did see the Dutch bikes always parked across from the Bike Rack. I left my new calling card with both of them ;), so hopefully they're reading by now! One was an Electra and one the Jorg & Olif.

  4. Ok, I was about to "correct" you, but decided I had better check my facts. I thought Mt Airy and College Park Bikes sold Batavus, but it appears that they stopped. They do, however, have parts for my vintage Batavus. Seems that the owner (Larry) is a batavus fan.

    The reason I stopped by here is because I'm looking for dutch-style panniers, but can't seem to find anything without spending a fortune or ordering from Europe. Any ideas on panniers?