Friday, November 5, 2010

The Church of Sit-Up Cycling

Interesting Canadian biking blog to pass your way, this from their FB page:

The Church of Sit-Up Cycling was established to allow believers in safe, leisurely cycling to practice their wholly rational faith without fear of a fine.

In Vancouver, BC, it is illegal to sit on a bicycle without a plastic hat. An exception is made if the wearing would interfere with an essential religious practice.

[Editor's note - Ahh, I see where this is going]

The Church believes that mandatory helmet laws encourage fewer, faster cyclists, when in fact more, slower cyclists would make a safer and more pleasant city for all.

And for more clarity, from the mission statement on their website:

Wearing their normal work and play clothes is an essential religious practice of members of the Church of Sit-Up Cycling.  This may or may not include wearing plastic hats.

Believers wholly endorse the use of such accident-preventing safety measures as lights, bells, height, strict compliance with traffic signals, a leisurely pace and the use of dedicated cycling streets and lanes.


  1. It's just as valid of a religion as any other... Though, this one actually serves a purpose.

  2. Hi Bill, thanks for the link! Keen to hear any comments or criticisms your readers can offer. I've set up a few discussion topics on the FB page.

    Israel and Mexico are the only two examples I've heard of states rolling back hat laws for adults, and they both seemed to begin with mass civil disobedience. I'd be keen to hear of any other examples your readers know about.