Monday, November 22, 2010

More DC chic

Another case of understated DC cycle chic. As I wrote when I started District Citizen Cycling a couple months ago, I didn't think my native Washington was necessarily a chic kind of town. What counts as relatively fashionable here might seem modest by European standards. But the ride-as-you-are (chic or not) ethos of so-called 'citizen cycling' seemed a good fit.

I'm certainly no biking fashion guru. In yesterday's photo, a stylish hat and coat was enough to make me notice the girl riding down 15th Street. This young woman on Q Street is a similar case - ok, no chainguard for the purists (too bad, she could lose the pants strap), but a sweet bike with fenders, somewhat more upright posture, bringing home the shopping, riding slowly, in casual/stylish clothes that made for a nice holistic presentation with her bike. A great ambassador for DC citizen cycling.

Just watch out for that taxi.


  1. And put some air in that back tire !

  2. Chain guard purists! Love the term. Though it would seem we are an endangered species.

  3. Oh, I'm a proud chainguard semi-purist ;). The chainguard revolution is ON, man! (um, right?? guys???)

    Seriously, to me, ride-as-you-are all starts with the chainguard, fenders. Rear skirtguard if you're really purist ;). Another slogan I considered for this blog was 'put a skirt on it, buddy'.

    The pant strap is a gateway to harder accessories.