Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And now for something completely expected

Yes, the moment has come. Time for the obligatory biking-in-winter post.

Not by me. Mine would be - I bike in winter unless it's icy or snowbound. You might try it too, no big deal. No, this is a short practical commentary by blog-comrade James Schwartz up in north country, aka The Urban Country.

Yes, it's getting colder out there, but let's not go wobbly, people. Listen to the Canadian.

When people ask me for tips on winter bicycling, I have very simple advice: Wear what you would have worn if you were going to walk outside in the winter. If it’s wet, throw on some water-proof pants on top of your regular pants, and that’s it. It’s very simple.

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Cycle Chic has had a ton of snowy photos lately, northern Europe's been getting buried. But notice the bikes roll on. I like Copenhagenize's version of what James is saying: try to dress for the destination, not the journey.

Update - As usual, I'm referring to reasonably short urban trips. For longer journeys, the Bike Arlington forum has a good discussion of how to make it work and be presentable in the office.

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