Sunday, December 12, 2010

Art and a touch of nostalgia

So, Saturday being bike-day whenever possible (meaning bike around the city and do stuff, see people, as opposed to the weekday commute), with babysitter meter running I did manage to squeeze in a short outing yesterday in the pale afternoon.

From home in Petworth, first stopped by the arts fair at Domku cafe. This year it was outside on the sidewalk for the first time.

Ran into a few neighbors, including George.

Passing through Columbia Heights, a girl going by said to her friend, 'I LIKE that bike!' Down 14th Street to Transformer gallery on P Street, to drop in on old friend Jay Stuckey, in from LA for his touring exhibit 'Alptraum'.

Coming home via Adams Morgan, I stopped for some reason in front of the old Ontario Theater, where a number of amazing bands played through the 80s and early 90s (Gang of Four, The Clash, David Bowie's Tin Machine...). The 'hood was pretty rough at that time. Then the Ontario was partitioned into a few retail spaces, mainly you'd go there when you needed a cheap suitcase, or a prescription filled. Now it's shuttered, but at least the pharmacy moved out and down the street, so I wonder if the entire building could be used again for something noble.

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