Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Parking ups and downs

Bike parking has proliferated across the city in the last few years. But of course, bikes often end up lashed to any available pole. Like a dog waiting for its owner, or a horse in front of the saloon. But hey, that's one of the real beauties of urban biking, parking right in front of where you're going.

Usually it works perfectly fine.

Sometimes it's slightly awkward, like when dealing with a low parking meter.

And sometimes you come back and your bike is in an undignified heap, all akimbo. That sucks.


  1. best thing to do with the "undignified heap" is to just take a moment to pick it back up and leave it looking nice and proper like your first picture. I try to make a habit of this because I think it is important that bikes be an attractive part of the streetscape instead of a knocked over eye-sore. It is a little thing but i think its helpful to the overall perception of bikes in the city.

  2. I think this is a great point and a great idea. Kind of like trash, just try to pick it up once in a while.