Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A mother knows

To me, this mom-cyclist is one of those quiet, unsung heroes of utility biking in DC. Not because she has the 'right' bike or chic attire. I just like the normal/cool clothes, no special gear, shopping bag in front, funky shoulder bag, kid in tow, a little twirly thing hanging off the back… No nonsense, serene, dignified demeanor, upright posture.

She knew where the not-so-known contraflow bike lane was and used it, unfazed by the trio of Do Not Enter signs. Or by the Brazil-esque (Terry Gilliam film, not the country) ductwork.

That cut-through was a closed road, now given over almost entirely to bikes. More here. It's actually a great back way to cross Adams Morgan north-south without dealing with 18th Street hassles.


  1. This post makes me happy. Also, that contraflow lane looks more advanced than any bike infrastructure Chicago has. My city really needs to catch up.

  2. Thanks. There are a couple more protected lanes in the works for DC's downtown. But hopefully we won't be slowing down, our progressive, pro-bike mayor and his DOT head just got the boot!

  3. And the little bike dude has his lid protected!

  4. I ride this stretch every morning--I love it, wish there were more like it in the city.