Thursday, October 7, 2010

14th St and Florida Ave

This guy's got the idea. Dutch/upright bike, check. Riding in his regular clothes, check. Helmet, no problem with that. Using the bike lane, check.

Waiting patiently for the traffic light to change, sweet.

photo © Bill Crandall


  1. hi bill, i'm kate

    we seem to share a very similar blog idea!

    i look forward to reading your blog!

    ride safe,

  2. Thanks Kate, nice blog. I put your link in the sidebar.

    Cheers, Bill

  3. Hi Bill,

    Nice blog and great photos.

    Personally, I dont care what people wear while riding or what kind of bike they choose. But i'm all for this blog because i think it will encourage people to get on a bike and ride. And that's good thing for everyone in DC -- even drivers, they just don't know it yet : )