Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 DC Tweed Ride

This year's DC Tweed Ride is on for Sunday, November 14th. Hop on your retro bike, don some tweed, and join the Dandies and Quaintrelles for their annual ride. If you need inspiration for proper attire, here are portraits of some of last year's riders. A Washington Post recap of the 2009 ride is here.

Strangely, I don't see info anywhere about exactly where and when to meet, or about the route (I know last year it started on H Street NE and finished with rousing drinks and hobnobbing at Marvin at 14th and U). Maybe I'm missing something, or there's an element of mystery at play here. How Victorian! (Edwardian?)

For a warmup, the D's and Q's also have a retro bike event happening this Friday night as part of ZestFest, 2nd and L Street in the NOMA area.

I have to say, normally I'm not into retro for retro's sake, but I just watched the video and it looks like an awesome time.

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