Monday, October 4, 2010

Watch the furniture, though

Good item today over on Copenhagenize, about a campaign by that city's health department. Good way to address the reflexive fear some people have about getting on a bike.

As noted in the post - "Appropriate message in a city saturated with cycling. In Emerging Bicycle Cultures, it is always better to highlight the basic facts that appeal to homo sapiens, like A2Bism and quicker transport through our cities. With all that said, this is an important poster in that finally SOMEONE is countering all the negative branding that cycling is suffering..."

I'd say Washington DC is an Emerging Bicycle Culture. Or rather, there is an existing old-guard bike culture dominated by pant straps, helmets, toe-clips, spandex, courier-types, off-roaders, etc. All the stuff that has its own logic but can be off-putting to those considering biking as a practical, elegant, everyday means of getting around.

Within that are tender shoots of citizen cycling, cycle chic (or whatever you want to call it) visible here and there, that just need a little care and watering.

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