Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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DC's great new Capital Bikeshare system seems to be doing well. Perhaps still an intriguing yet puzzling concept to some. Personally I think it fits well into the citizen cycling model, get-on-and-go.

photos © Bill Crandall


  1. What would be fantastic is if someone developed an APP for mobile devices (iPhone, android, Blackberry) for the Capital Bikeshare stations and additional info.

    I think I'd be more inclined to "grab and go" with these bikes if I knew where all the stations were all the time at any given moment.

    I haven't used the the bikeshare program yet but I'm planning to start since the price is right... $50/year!

  2. I think SpotCycle is one such app people are using, there may be others.

  3. Try iFindBikes app. it tells you were station are and how docks and bike are available.

  4. Thanks to Hector for suggesting iFindBikes. I've downloaded this iPhone app it works great. For those interested, check www.ifindbikes.com.