Sunday, October 3, 2010

Warriors! Come out to play-ay!

Though the upsurge in adult cyclists in the U.S. began in the 1980s, neither the road designs nor the culture have fully adjusted to that fact. "It's a huge contrast to Europe, where drivers most frequently wave, and where I've never seen the behavior I see here," said one Annapolis cyclist.

Astute bit from a Washington Post article today (actually about helpful new bike laws in Maryland) which I won't even link to, because it's too damn depressing. The usual grim cyclists battling for space among DC's marauding road-ragers. Oh yeah, that'll get new butts in bike seats...

Sure, I know it's at least part of the reality, but not the reality we're singing about here. Find that somewhere else and wallow in it.

Citizen Cycling is about a better model of what could and should be - and occasionally even is. While the physical landscape slowly catches up, Citizen Cycling as a different, holistic approach to riding can actually cure many of the woes of the North American urban bike-warrior.

I'm just saying, it doesn't have to be all fear and loathing for the sake of speed. There's another way.

[Ed. note - alright, who gets the reference in the title?]

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